Nothing Can Make You Happy / Meditation

In this meditation, we investigate our search for happiness. We discover that happiness does not depend on circumstances but instead only on that which takes place in our mind and heart. To experience continuous peace and happiness is to say ‘yes’ to our current circumstances, and ‘yes’ is a choice we make moment to moment. Happiness is what we are, not what we do. From the seven day retreat at Buckland Hall, Wales. Spring 2019.


Yoga Meditation: Reality Is ‘Not Two’

In this yoga meditation, we allow thoughts to appear in the space-like presence of awareness that we are, exploring the process going from thinking to knowing.


A New Model of Karma, Deep Sleep and Death / Rupert Spira

In this video clip Rupert gives a new interpretation of karma using the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep as a model.


Jan Kölling / MOCA Portfolio 2019

Jan Kolling

Jan Kolling has been one of MOCA’s most distinguished artists. He works “from different Sides, with many Tools, in many different Directions… No Guru, No Teacher, No Method.” The artist has a degree in Digital Design and has devised his own software to create his work. He is returning to his art after a long absence.

Don Archer, MOCA Director.


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