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Archipelago: Sharing the Paradox of Not Having a Vision

The genius of Jan Kölling is the persistence of his vision. Kölling emerged into digital art after a more conventional career as a painter. His digital tools, some of which he devised himself, enabled him to incorporate photographic techniques into his art. Thus was born slowly but inevitably a highly personalized idiosyncratic style that Kölling pursued with uncompromising determination and courage. It is sometimes hard to tell now whether Kölling’s art is a menage of photography and drawing, or neither or both. It exists in a third world, or in another world, beyond photography and painting. There is no conventional wisdom in Kölling’s art. There is no “beauty” in the ordinary sense, no portraiture, almost no objectivity that we can ordinarily recognize. It is beyond abstraction. It is not an easy style and it may be indecipherable. It is a style that he alone has pursued. Kölling is working beyond talent. He is working where talent, discipline and courage converge.

Don Archer (MOCA Director & Artist.)


Sharing the Paradox of Not Having a Vision

Notebook Sketches and Sketchbook Notes

Working from different Sides, with many Tools, in many different Directions

Jan Kölling

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Favourite Quotes:

Sören Kierkegaard: “I’d rather be an apostle than a genius”

No Guru, No Teacher, No Method

Jan Kölling at the MOCA in New York

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Introduction by Don Archer, Essay by J.D. Jarvis


Jan was one of the first artists I began to follow when I started to use online art communities. I have known Jan almost 7 years and have always found him at the top of his game all the time. His professionalism is unquestionable and his art is inspiring. I highly recommend Jan to anyone at anytime.

Thomas Broadfood / ArtbySilent


Jan is an outstanding artist and wonderful friend. Love his digital images and it is a pleasure to know his art works.

Kyra Munk Matustik