Jan Kölling / MOCA Portfolio 2019

Jan Kolling Jan Kolling has been one of MOCA’s most distinguished artists. He works “from different Sides, with many Tools, in many different Directions… No Guru, No Teacher, No Method.” The artist has a degree in Digital Design and has devised his own software to create his work. He is returning to his art afterContinue reading “Jan Kölling / MOCA Portfolio 2019”

Introduction to Yoga Meditations

Yoga Many of Rupert’s meetings begin with a guided meditation, followed by a dialogue; others consist only of a dialogue. The guided meditations fall into two categories: one, general meditations that explore various aspects of the nature of experience; and two, more specific meditations that explore the experience of the body and the world inContinue reading “Introduction to Yoga Meditations”

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